Monday, January 7, 2013

Tech Trends of 2012 lesson

I like to have students talk about the technology trends from 2012 in my classes, so here are some resourses that I shared with them.

As a lesson, I share the videos, and then have them read the articles on their own. Then I have them select 3 items that they think are the most significant from the year. They then blog about why those 3 items are the most important.

This lesson starts the new year off well and prepares us to talk about the trends we will expect to see in 2013. We'll watch videos from CES and talk about future trends later in the week.

News summaries
Gizmag's top tech of 2012
Telegraph's top tech of 2012
Engadget's top tech of 2012

Youtube searches
Engineering achievements
Worst tech in 2012

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